Participants must abide by the following regulations:

  • The skater can stop whenever he considers it appropriate. He can ask the staff for assistance or a lift in the van that will be driving along behind the skaters, to be taken back to the finish.
  • It is not compulsory to wear protection (helmet, knee and elbow pads, wrist guards), though it is strongly advised that you do.
  • The skater is aware of the fact that skating along the road and the bike lanes is against the law
  • The skater acknowledges that
    • starting before the official start time is forbidden
    • he must take into consideration his own physical capabilities
    • it is forbidden to overtake the leader, as it is forbidden to skate behind the van that brings up the rear of the group
    • should the skater find he is unable to proceed, he must vacate the roadway and abandon the group.


The registration is subject to charges and can be done online by 18:00 pm of the previous Friday at the event , or directly on site the same day . For more details visit the registration page of this site.


By accepting the registration the skater relieves the organization, the staff, the volunteers and the servants? from any known and unknown responsibility relating to his participation in the event.

Furthermore the participant must declare he fully accepts the following declaration of responsibility:

“I acknowledge that I am physically capable of participating in this event and that undergoing the activity in the presence of inadequate preparation and training could potentially harm my health. Through registering for the event I declare full responsibility for any injury and/or accident that could occur on the day, including travel to and from the event. I am aware of the risks related to the event, that could include falling, wind and weather conditions, traffic problems, potentially dangerous road conditions, etc. I accept that the organizers, sponsors and patronage partners are exempt from any civil responsibility, which includes possible damage to property, and the compensation thereof, during my participation in this event. I am aware that this statement includes claims concerning problems related to the carelessness and/or the lack of compliance of any one person.


The participant declares to be aware that volunteer participation in the recreational and promotional activities of the Udine Roller Fest entails auto certification of medical eligibility for non-competitive sports activities, as provided by D.M. 28.02.83. A medical fitness certificate is not required. Regarding the participation of minors, parents or guardians are responsible for signing for them.


First aid will be provided and managed by the organizers, in liaison with social assistance communes.


In registering for the event, participants authorize the organizers and their media partners to use fixed or moving pictures of themselves taken during the event. These pictures could potentially be used for advertising purposes all over the world for the permitted time provided by law. Further legal time extension might be required.


Data provided through this form will be used in accordance with privacy d.lgs. 196/2003 former law 31/12/1996 art.10. Participants must be aware that their personal data will be passed on to the organizers, patronages and sponsors of Udine Roller Fest.

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